Technical writing by Rich Puchalsky

I produced a large number of commentaries on EPA regulations when I was a staffer for RTK NET; the projects listed below only include those done through Grassroots Connection. Published reports are included elsewhere.

Technical Writing Description
2009 TRI conference presentation My presentation at the financial data panel at this conference.
Data flyer I was sometimes asked to be a one-day guest lecturer for an undergraduate-level university course; this is the Web version of a one-page two-sided flyer that I created in order to give the students a brief summary of major U.S. toxics-related environmental databases, how to obtain them, and common problems with their use.
1999 RTK NET conference presentation I chaired the panel on "data gaps" at this conference; my presentation describes what data gaps are and gives examples in the areas of toxics, ecological, and global climate change information.
CEC report checking Not precisely a technical writing project, this contract involved checking some of the numbers produced by another contractor for the CEC's report comparing U.S. and Canadian toxic release data.
EPA TRI CD-ROM manual EPA hired Grassroots Connection to write its requirements document for the TRI CD-ROM, to beta test the program, and to write the manual.
Peer review of EPA's RMP Guidance Document for Chemical Distributors I was asked to peer review a guidance document intended to help chemical distributors fill out their Risk Management Plan reports.
USPIRG Toxics Data Flyer FLyer for U.S.PIRG, designed to inform grassroots activists about toxics data sources on the Web and which sources were good for which kinds of data.

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