Parent company Enterprise Products Partners

Rank in Greenhouse 100 Suppliers: 8
2021 Greenhouse gas CO2 equivalent emissions from combustion of all fossil fuels supplied (metric tons): 110,625,635
Percentage of national total 2021 supplier emissions: 2.4%
CO2 from produced petroleum (mt): 0
CO2 from supplied natural gas (mt): 0
CO2 from supplied liquid natural gas (mt): 110,625,635
CO2 from mined coal (mt): 0
CO2 from industrial CO2 gas supply (mt): 0
CO2 from coal converted to liquid fuel (mt): 0
Parent company sectors (in descending order of emissions): Natural Gas Extraction, Other

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Facility NameStateCO2 equivalent emissions (mt) (sorted by)Percent of total company emissions (sorted by)Split *CBI **
Fractionator XI (Mont Belvieu, TX)TX14,193,94812.83%
Fractionator X (Mont Belvieu, TX)TX13,816,15112.49%
West Texas FractionatorTX9,840,9398.90%
Fractionator VIITX8,446,5397.64%
Fractionator VIIITX8,424,3487.62%
Fractionator VITX8,119,2427.34%
Fractionator IXTX7,729,3876.99%
Fractionator VTX7,610,0086.88%
Fractionator IVTX7,374,0166.67%
Seminole FractionatorTX6,781,8616.13%
Hobbs Fractionation FacilityTX6,278,3565.68%
Norco Fractionation PlantLA4,651,9304.21%
Promix Fractionation FacilityLA3,163,3942.86%50%
Armstrong Gas PlantTX00.00%Yes
Enterprise Products Operating LLCTX00.00%
Delaware Basin Gas PlantTX00.00%50%Yes
For more information on the data, see the technical notes.
* Split: if 50% appears in this column, then the facility's emissions have been split among two 50/50% ownership parent companies.
** CBI: if Yes appears in this column, then one or more of the supplier CO2 amounts for the facility (excluding imports and exports) have been treated as confidential by EPA. Amounts that EPA has declared to be confidential are treated as zeroes. If there are confidential amounts, the actual supplier emissions would be larger than shown. Petroleum exports are not included as supplier amounts (we assume that they were also reported as production if they were produced in the US.).

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