Greenhouse 100 Suppliers State List (2023 Report, Based on 2021 Data)

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State Name (sorted by)2021 Emissions from Fossil Fuel Supplies (CO2 million metric tons)CO2 from oil (mmt)CO2 from nat. gas (mmt)CO2 from coal (mmt)Number of FacilitiesTop 3 Parent Companies
Alabama61.322.318.320.758Warrior Met Coal, Hunt Consolidated, Shell PLC
Alaska15.610.83.01.89Marathon Petroleum, Arctic Slope Regional Corp., AltaGas
Arizona2., City of Mesa, AZ
Arkansas12., Black Hills Corp., Martin Midstream Partners
California316.7224.892.00.046Chevron, Marathon Petroleum, Sempra Energy
Colorado73.210.623.924.034Kinder Morgan, Xcel Energy, Suncor Energy
Connecticut10., EverSource Energy, City of Norwich, CT
Delaware15.413.02.30.07PBF Energy, Exelon, Chesapeake Utilities
Florida12., City of Gainesville, FL, NextEra Energy
Georgia15. Company, Algonquin Power & Utilities, City of Dalton, GA
Hawaii12. Pacific Holdings, Macquarie, One Rock Capital Partners
Idaho4. Resources
Illinois277.1143.151.682.540Marathon Petroleum, Foresight Energy, Exxon Mobil
Indiana172.662.865.943.948BP, NiSource, Peabody Energy
Iowa16. Hathaway, Alliant Energy, Black Hills Corp.
Kansas93. Sinclair Corporation, Oneok, CHS Inc.
Kentucky102.337.85.059.5154Marathon Petroleum, Alliance Resource Partners, Invesco
Louisiana405.8373.032.40.441Marathon Petroleum, Exxon Mobil, PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.)
Maine0. Inc.
Maryland7., Angela Svonavec, Quintana Capital Group GP Ltd
Massachusetts15. Grid, EverSource Energy, Iberdrola
Michigan64.521.942.60.017Marathon Petroleum, CMS Energy, DTE Energy
Minnesota88.566.022.50.027Koch Industries, Marathon Petroleum, CenterPoint Energy
Mississippi63.450.10.34.115Chevron, Denbury Inc., Ergon
Missouri11. Inc., Ameren, Algonquin Power & Utilities
Montana88.830.85.552.417Navajo Transitional Energy Company LLC, Global Mining Group LLC, Westmoreland Mining LLC
Nebraska6. Hills Corp., Metropolitan Utilities District, City of Fremont, NE
Nevada12. Gas, Berkshire Hathaway, Sky Quarry
New Hampshire0. Power & Utilities, Irving Oil, Brookfield Asset Management
New Jersey72.245.426.80.027Phillips 66, Public Service Enterprise, PBF Energy
New Mexico39.913.34.618.619HF Sinclair Corporation, Peabody Energy, Navajo Transitional Energy Company LLC
New York61. Grid, Consolidated Edison, Iberdrola
North Carolina38. Energy, Dominion Energy, City of Kings Mountain, NC
North Dakota57.410.212.933.823NACCO Industries, Marathon Petroleum, Allete
Ohio134.373.454.76.242Cenovus Energy, MPLX LP, PBF Energy
Oklahoma91.566.225.30.018Phillips 66, HF Sinclair Corporation, Oneok
Oregon6. Natural Holding Co, Alto Ingredients, Incitec Pivot
Pennsylvania173.435.546.791.2162Consol Energy, Delta Air Lines, UGI Corp.
Puerto Rico0. Rand
Rhode Island2. Grid
South Dakota0. of Watertown, SD, Poet LLC
Tennessee32.422.89.60.040Valero Energy, City of Memphis, TN, Southern Company
Texas1,129.4759.1348.322.0160Valero Energy, Exxon Mobil, Enterprise Products Partners
Utah70.530.911.827.816Trafigura Group, Dominion Energy, Chevron
Virgin Islands of the U.S. Global Energy Partners
Virginia41.50.016.924.655Energy and Minerals Group, AltaGas, Alpha Metallurgical Resources
Washington99.982.417.40.014BP, HF Sinclair Corporation, Marathon Petroleum
West Virginia198.73.015.6180.1183Invesco, Alpha Metallurgical Resources, Alliance Resource Partners
Wisconsin27. Energy Group, Alliant Energy, MGE ENERGY INC
Wyoming425.915.83.3406.834Peabody Energy, Arch Resources, Navajo Transitional Energy Company LLC

Explanatory notes (For details, see the technical notes).

This edition of the Greenhouse 100 Suppliers ranks companies by C02-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from their supply of products in 2021 that result in GHG emissions when the products are released, combusted, or oxidized. This differs from the Greenhouse 100 Polluters because the Greenhouse 100 Polluters ranks companies by direct emissions of GHGs from large facilities. It includes both data from EPA's GHGRP Suppliers database and a PERI database of coal mines based on EIA and MSHA data. Petroleum exports are not included as supplier amounts (we assume that they were also reported as production if they were produced in the US.)

Important: EPA treats some quantities of CO2 released from suppliers as confidential where the supplying facility makes only one product and its amount of production could be calculated from its CO2 emissions. PERI has no way to determine the values of these confidential amounts and has treated them as zeroes. Users of this list should be aware that data derived from EPA's GHGRP Suppliers database are a lower bound and may actually be larger than shown.

The links from each parent name or state lead to an application that gives detailed facility information. You can also search for companies not on the Greenhouse 100 Suppliers Index. For more information on the data, see the technical notes.

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