State: West Virginia

2021 Greenhouse gas CO2 equivalent emissions from combustion of all fossil fuels supplied (metric tons): 198,706,550
Percentage of national total 2021 supplier emissions: 4.2%
Top 3 Parent Companies(in descending order of emissions): Invesco, Alpha Metallurgical Resources, Alliance Resource Partners

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Facility NameParentCO2 equivalent emissions (mt) (sorted by)Split *CBI **
Marshall County MineInvesco24,666,267
Tunnel Ridge MineAlliance Resource Partners16,140,423
Marion County MineInvesco13,836,030
Harrison County MineInvesco13,761,129
Ohio County MineInvesco13,369,651
Leer MineArch Resources9,781,129
Moundsville Fractionation PlantWilliams Companies5,325,188
Workman Creek SurfaceAlpha Metallurgical Resources5,202,839
Natrium Extraction and Fractionation FacilityWilliams Companies4,964,890
Monongalia County MineInvesco4,457,918
Mountain View MineAlliance Resource Partners3,445,504
Road Fork # 52 MineAlpha Metallurgical Resources3,292,415
Mountaineer Gas CompanyUGI Corp.2,643,353
SlabcampAlpha Metallurgical Resources2,637,332
Beckley Pocahontas MineArch Resources2,425,975
North Eagle MineSev.en Energy2,344,292
Lynn Branch No. 2 MineAlpha Metallurgical Resources2,305,929
Holden #22 SurfaceJohn M Potter2,198,859
Coal Mountain No 1 SurfaceScott Kiscaden2,148,461
Twin Branch No 1 SurfaceJohn M Potter2,130,800
Leer South MineArch Resources2,025,829
Republic EnergyAlpha Metallurgical Resources2,011,494
Ewing Fork No. 1 Surface MineAlpha Metallurgical Resources1,953,959
Mountaineer II MineArch Resources1,939,142
Affinity MineSCM Group1,937,115
Dominion Hope Gas West VirginiaDominion Energy1,892,339
Jerry Fork EagleAlpha Metallurgical Resources1,884,422
Glancy Surface MineSev.en Energy1,839,104
Winchester Peerless Rachel MineSev.en Energy1,780,325
Speed MineSev.en Energy1,699,035
Eagle Seam Deep MineRamaco Resources1,501,306
Davy Branch Mine Alpha Metallurgical Resources1,400,277
Blue Creek No. 1 UG MineSev.en Energy1,357,331
Morgan Camp MineSCM Group1,330,215
Eagle No 1 MineEnergy and Minerals Group1,314,662
Black EagleAlpha Metallurgical Resources1,275,320
Horse Creek EagleAlpha Metallurgical Resources1,255,220
Cedar Grove #2 MineAlpha Metallurgical Resources1,245,620
Lower War EagleEnergy and Minerals Group1,187,196
Stonecoal Branch Mine No. 2Ramaco Resources1,168,831
Kingston No. 2Alpha Metallurgical Resources1,085,735
Powellton #1 MineEnergy and Minerals Group1,069,793
Dry Branch Surface MineCleveland-Cliffs1,063,970
Maple Eagle No. 1 MineSev.en Energy1,048,753
No. 2 GasRamaco Resources943,420
Mine No. 39Cleveland-Cliffs919,584
Grapevine South Surface MineAppalachian Resource Company LLC893,437
Mine No. 43Cleveland-Cliffs834,164
Coal Branch No.1 MineSev.en Energy823,324
Muddy BridgeEnergy and Minerals Group806,121
Panther Eagle MineAlpha Metallurgical Resources758,854
Eastern Gas Transmission and Storage - Hastings Complex (Proc,Tran)Berkshire Hathaway698,524
Eagle #3 MineSev.en Energy684,627
Flying EagleSev.en Energy680,990
Samples Surface MineSev.en Energy628,799
Boone North No. 1 Surface MineWhite Forest Resources, Inc624,187
Twilight Mtr Surface MineLexington Coal Holdings, Inc610,595
Mine No. 1Orion Energy589,183
Green Ridge No. 1 MineMelissa Cline566,348
Gateway Eagle MineSev.en Energy501,252
Highwall Miner No.1Ramaco Resources470,665
Barrackville Refuse PileThomas A Laurita; James L Laurita Jr418,378
SHM #67Orion Energy384,859
Witcher Creek Surface MineMartha A Ward377,072
Triad Poca 4 Seam Deep MineRamaco Resources366,379
Ram Surface Mine No. 1Ramaco Resources348,958
CAM Highwall MinerAppalachian Resource Company LLC344,806
Superior Surface MineLexington Coal Holdings, Inc337,522
AHM COAL MAC MINE #1Shaun Allen322,526
Pocahontas HWM 52SCM Group291,895
Elklick Surface MineEnergy and Minerals Group279,605
Seven PinesPristine Clean Energy LLC272,287
P610Diana Barnette262,235
Eckman Surface MineCleveland-Cliffs256,877
HWM 58White Forest Resources, Inc254,691
SHM 12-66Alpha Metallurgical Resources248,022
Blue Knob Surface MineWhite Forest Resources, Inc238,428
Beech Mountain MineJeffrey K Justus II235,233
Aracoma Alma Mine #1Alpha Metallurgical Resources233,561
Itmann No 5Consol Energy227,002
Sewell Mine REdward A Asbury223,298
Mine No. 32Philip T Lambert208,963
Caretta #3 MineRobert Stinson206,857
Saturn Surface MineOrion Energy205,863
Remining #3Appalachian Resource Company LLC198,078
Samples Mine Highwall MinerSev.en Energy188,480
Fola Surface Mine No 2Barry T Doyle176,850
Sewell Mine BEdward A Asbury176,792
Mine No 2Hung Q Nguyen172,669
Allen Powellton MineAlpha Metallurgical Resources164,416
SHM 06 Highwall Miner David D Bundy161,286
SHM #1 MinerSCM Group144,916
Skinned Poplar StripEverett (Gordon) Justice124,838
Newhall Surface Mine No. 2Thomas D Little Jr113,109
No 57 MineJames C Justice III111,102
Coon Cedar Grove MineAlpha Metallurgical Resources107,208
Mine No 3Brandon Nguyen; Michael Turner103,836
SHM-75 Sev.en Energy102,710
Gemini Surface MineBobby Justus102,218
EDM No. 1 MineEdward A Asbury100,249
CV#4 Surface Mine John T Quintrell99,582
Still Run Surface Mine No. 1James O Bunn II74,057
Hominy # 2 Surface MineCorbin Robertson III68,209
KSP CO2 PlantDiversified Energy67,747
Low Gap Surface MineCleveland-Cliffs65,732
Pete's Branch Surface Mine Scott Kiscaden61,990
SHM-71Daniel W Bunn59,233
Potomac-NorthJustin L Simmons; Alexander J Woods59,023
Alpheus Coal Refuse Disposal FacilityShandong Weijiao Holding Group Co., Ltd.58,15350%
Alpheus Coal Refuse Disposal FacilityWeifang Zhongye Coal Co., Ltd.58,15350%
Red Ash Highwall Mine #1Active Resources Inc56,461
Bishop Surface Alpha Metallurgical Resources54,733
SHM60Danny Dean51,842
SHM-44Sev.en Energy50,875
Rane Deep MineOrion Energy47,670
Rocky Run Surface MineWhite Forest Resources, Inc46,332
SHM 46 Highwall Miner David D Bundy42,924
Upper Cedar Grove HWM JobEverett (Gordon) Justice39,167
Berwind Deep MineRamaco Resources37,748
No 1Edward A Asbury36,927
Still Run Surface Mine No. 1James O Bunn II33,885
Union Oil & Gas, Inc.UNION OIL & GAS INC33,719
No. 2 Contour & AugerJames C Justice III33,142
No.32James C Justice III29,949
Skyway III MineEdward A Asbury29,296
Toney Fork Surface MineEnergy and Minerals Group26,037
Red Fox Surface MineJames C Justice III25,171
Spring Dale Surface MineCottage Mining LLC; John D Sams; Kevin W Jordan25,147
BAM 3 AugerDavid D Bundy17,601
Hughes Ferry Surface Mine No. 1Andrew B Jordon16,097
Southeastern Auger No. 1Kenes P Roberts15,408
No. 4 AugerGladys A Stacy14,698
Mine No 6Lexington Coal Holdings, Inc14,255
Quinwood No. 1 Deep MineCorbin Robertson III13,120
Sycamore Surface MineSev.en Energy11,675
Hominy #1 Surface MineCorbin Robertson III9,786
Boone North No. 2 Surface MineWhite Forest Resources, Inc9,034
Salem Auger #41Sev.en Energy8,853
CV30John T Quintrell8,179
Pocahontas Highwall MineSCM Group7,320
Mine No. 3Brandon Bishop6,814
Auger #3 Gladys A Stacy5,138
Bishop Impoundment AreaJames C Justice III2,462
Black Castle Mining Company, LLCAlpha Metallurgical Resources1,833
BAM VA Auger Justin L Simmons; Alexander J Woods544
Guyan MineVirginia Conservation Legacy Fund (VCLF)4
Majorsville Gas PlantMPLX LP0Yes
Mobley Gas PlantMPLX LP0Yes
Sherwood Gas PlantMPLX LP0Yes
Oak Grove PlantWilliams Companies0Yes
39MCConrad Whitaker; Jonathan Whitaker0
HWM No. 3Ramaco Resources0
No. 1Woodrow W Church; Darren J Spencer0
Salem 3125 Auger Justin L Simmons; Alexander J Woods0
EmpireConrad Whitaker; Jonathan Whitaker0
SHM-14John T Quintrell0
CHM 23F D Justice II; Greg Henzman0
Mine No 1Lexington Coal Holdings, Inc0
Cub Branch SurfaceJohn M Potter0
White Flame Surface MineLexington Coal Holdings, Inc0
Birch River Surface Mine No. 1Matthew Ashley0
Eagle No. 1 MineJames L Bevins0
Laurel Fork MineRamaco Resources0
CV#2 Surface Mine John T Quintrell0
Mine No. 5Anthony P Cline0
Endeavor Surface MineJustin L Simmons; Alexander J Woods0
Glen Alum Tunnel MineAlpha Metallurgical Resources0
Quarry No 2Gregory Licata0
Longview MineAmerican Metals & Coal International Inc.; POSCO-NCR Coal Ltd; JAZ Ventu0
No. 1 Surface MineFrederick J Taylor0
Belcher BranchJames C Justice III0
Red Ash Mine No. 1Brandon Bishop0
Mine No. 44Cleveland-Cliffs0
North Fork Winifrede Deep MineEnergy and Minerals Group0
Michael Powellton Deep MineRamaco Resources0
Chilton Deep Mine No.1Sev.en Energy0
Cedar Grove Mine No 3Alpha Metallurgical Resources0
Crucible Deep MineRamaco Resources0
Ned's Branch Surface MineScott Kiscaden0
Newhall Surface Mine No. 3Edward A Asbury0
Wyco Surface Mine SCM Group0
Triad No. 2 Deep MineRamaco Resources0
For more information on the data, see the technical notes.
* Split: if 50% appears in this column, then the facility's emissions have been split among two 50/50% ownership parent companies.
** CBI: if Yes appears in this column, then one or more of the supplier CO2 amounts for the facility (excluding imports and exports) have been treated as confidential by EPA. Amounts that EPA has declared to be confidential are treated as zeroes. If there are confidential amounts, the actual supplier emissions would be larger than shown. Petroleum exports are not included as supplier amounts (we assume that they were also reported as production if they were produced in the US.)

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