Rank in Greenhouse 100: 45
2015 Greenhouse gas CO2 equivalent emissions (metric tons): 14,567,339
Percentage of national total 2015 GHGRP large fixed source emissions: 0.5%
Percentage of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, including transportation and residential: 0.2%
Parent company sectors (in descending order of emissions): Refineries, Chemicals, Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems
EJ: Poor Share: 18%
EJ: Minority Share: 75%

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This company is rank 27 on the Toxic 100 Air list.
This company is rank 37 on the Toxic 100 Water list.

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Petroleum Refineries 11,925,732 81.87%
Hydrogen Production 1,631,797 11.20%
Natural Gas Processing 784,783 5.39%
Other Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems 225,027 1.54%

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