U.S. Government

Rank in Greenhouse 100: 6
2014 Greenhouse gas CO2 equivalent emissions (metric tons): 74,687,012
Percentage of national total 2014 GHGRP large fixed source emissions: 2.331%
Percentage of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, including transportation and residential: 1.119%
(Note that this treats 2014 emissions as a percentage of a 2013 emission total).
Parent company sectors (in descending order of emissions): Power Plants, Other, Waste, Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems, Chemicals

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Power Plants 70,818,331 94.82%
Military 2,052,422 2.75%
Municipal Landfills 527,690 0.71%
Manufacturing 512,035 0.69%
Other 495,851 0.66%
Use of Electrical Equipment 132,222 0.18%
Natural Gas Processing 89,069 0.12%
Universities 43,417 0.06%
Other Chemicals 15,974 0.02%

For more information on the data, see the technical notes.

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