Web tools programmed by Rich Puchalsky

Major Web sites that I'm currently working on are listed on my main page. This is a list of smaller sites that are no longer up.

Web tool Description Publisher
CEC Querybuilder As part of my work for Hampshire Research, I created a program for the CEC (North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation) that allowed users to search and retrieve both U.S. TRI and Canadian NPRI data, added up by facility, industry, chemical, or geographic area. The program could present its search forms and output in English, French, or Spanish. CEC
Face On the Numbers This program let people put stories about how governmental services have helped them into a Web-searchable database that could be used by reporters and others. The program required Web-based administration of the database so that stories could be entered, approved, and edited remotely. OMB Watch
NET Power! Tool Declared a site of the day by Yahoo, this program let you calculate how much CO2 you produced from your residential electricity use, and let you compare your electric utility's efficiency and power sources against other electric utilities. National Environmental Trust
Car MPG Tool This site let you figure out how much CO2 you contribute to global climate change through driving your car, and let you compare your car against others to see how much less CO2 you'd release and how much money you'd save on gas if you switched cars. National Environmental Trust
LANDVIEW III provider This program lets you obtain a free copy of EPA's LANDVIEW III mapping program along with street-level data for one county in the United States. OMB Watch
TSCA Electronic Submission Demo Made for Unison Institute, this was a set of two programs that allowed users to submit TSCA 12(b) and health study data to the EPA through a Web form. Once a working prototype was developed, the project was turned over to an EPA contractor. U.S. EPA

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