Thomas Gale Moore wrote the paper Global Warming, A Boon for Humans and Other Animals as one of a series of papers for a conservative think-tank, the Hoover Institution. Both the original copy of this paper and the current version (with better format and later corrections) are available. Sci.environment posters discovered many serious scientific errors in this paper; some of their posts are reproduced here. Note that Moore has published this paper in The Public Interest magazine, and has talked it up in various places. He also gave Congressional testimony about it. Moore later corrected some of these errors once they were pointed out -- after mass media publication and Congressional testimony had already occured.

I thank Tom Gray for assisting me by recovering old posts from an Econet archive.

Meteorology and Climate

R. T. Pierrehumbert gave a meteorological critique, later expanded, of Moore's paper. If you wish to read only one document on this page, read this -- it's by far the best general critique here and incorporates many of the points made further down.

The Medieval Warming Period

Moore's reference to this period as a guide to a higher-CO2 world was criticized by Jan Schloerer. William Connolley described a misleading citation by Moore. Later, Schloerer made additional comments based on tree ring data.

Historical CO2 Levels

At least three sci.environment posters caught a critical error by Moore in reading a graph in a work that he cited. Paul Farrar was one of the people to describe this error, which Moore later claimed to have corrected.

General Methodology

An initial critique by Rich Puchalsky focussing on Moore's anecdotal method, plus a later one covering the same ground.

Finally, I'll end these comments with a warning from Paul Farrar about the necessity for review of work that addresses scientific issues prior to publication.


In the interest of fairness, Thomas Moore was given space on this page to provide a rebuttal of these critiques.


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