Why no SPARC murals?

As I take more pictures, a couple of people have noticed that I seem to be avoiding the SPARC ones. SPARC (the Social and Public Art Resource Center) is a well-respected community organization that sponsors murals. More L.A. murals are sponsored by SPARC than by any other organization.

I contacted SPARC to ask about permission to put up pictures of their murals, and for help in contacting the artists who painted them. They faxed me back, telling me that SPARC held joint copyright on all of the murals that they ever had sponsored, and that they refused permission for me to put up pictures of any of their murals. They said that this was because they wanted to showcase their murals on their own Web site. They also told me that they represented other mural artists who did non-SPARC murals, and that they charged a fee for tracking down artists, as well as asking me to notify them if I made any Web links to their site.

So SPARC murals will not be shown on this site.

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