My favorite murals

Claremont/Pomona Area

InterhuemanPaul Botello with students, faculty, and staff
Pitzer Past, Present, and FutureMany students, directed by Paul Botello
PrometheusJose Clemente Orozco
UntitledAlfredo Ramos Martinez


3rd RailMAXX
Los Angeles Circa 1870, 1910, 1960, and 2000James Doolin, assisted by James Feruzzi and Myles Jamieson
Paseo Cesar ChavezElsa Flores, Roberto Gil de Montes, Peter Shire, Michael Amescua
SenzoM. Matsukuma
SidewalkErnesto de la Loza
Together: Working Toward a Flourishing SocietyChristina Miguel Mullen directing many high school students
TravelerTerry Schoonhoven
UntitledMan One, Vyal

Duarte/Walnut Area

OrganicFrank Matranga

East L.A./Monterey Park

Advancements of ManWillie Herron III and Alfonso Trejo Jr.
Bridges to East L.A.Ernesto de la Loza
Chicano Time TripLos Dos Streetscapers (Wayne Healy and David Botello)
Cuidense AmigosDavid Botello
Dreams of FlightDavid Botello
Dreams of Past, Present, FutureJose Antonio Aguire, Eva Cristina Perez, Alfredo Calderon
El Corrido de Boyle HeightsEast Los Streetscapers (David Botello, Wayne Healy, George Yepes)
El RescateJohn Zender Estrada
El Tepeyac de Los AngelesGeorge Yepes
La Doliente de HidalgoWillie Herron III
Los Cuatros GrandesErnesto de la Loza with youth and others
Lost Angels / Smoke SignalsWGS, CBS, Epik, Nox, Duce, Galn, many others
Moratorium - The Black and White MuralWillie Herron III and Gronk
No Somos AnimalesWillie Herron III, assisted by Ralph Ramirez
Ofrenda Maya IGoez Art Studio (designed by Robert Arenivar, project director Jose-Luis Gonzalez)
Ofrenda Maya IIJose-Luis Gonzalez, Goez Art Studio
Orgullo de Nuestra HerenciaGoez Art Studio (designed by Frank Martinez, project director Jose-Luis Gonzalez)
Raza AdelanteJohn Zender Estrada with youth
The Greatest LovePaul Botello
The Wall That Cracked OpenWillie Herron III and local youth
The Wall That Speaks, Sings, and ShoutsPaul Botello, assisted by Adalberto Ortiz, Gerardo Herrera, Gustavo Sanchez
Tikkun Olam -- To Repair the WorldGeorge Yepes
Tome ConcienciaTaller de Grafica Monumental (Norma Urenda, Isela Guerrero, Eduardo Juarez, Mauricio Gomez, Esther Cimet)
UntitledF. Debora, assisted by Amodor, "Mexica"
UntitledManuel G. Cruz
UntitledTony Ramirez, Goez Art Studio
UntitledWGS, Real, Sentinel, KEO
UntitledReyeSMeza, Mosaicos Bizantinos, S.A., Cuernivaca, Mex.
Virgin's SeedPaul Botello

Hermosa Beach to San Pedro

Mail TransportationFletcher Martin

Highland Park/Northeast L.A.

In Art, In the Beginning Was the WordJohn Zender Estrada, others
Libraries Educate, Governments Make CutbacksLuis Becerra, assisted by F. Nazarius- Almazol, Sabrina Sosa, Olivia Vargas
Mexico-Tenochitlan - The Wall That Talksmany, see below
UntitledVictor Henderson, Elizabeth Garrison
UntitledJohn Zender Estrada, Argue, Krash, Siren, Phelon, Asyl'm S.H.

Hollywood/West Hollywood

(second page for same mural)ManOne, Sacred, Vyal, Swank, Kofie, Axis
Luminesence / Power 2 My PeoplesMear
Reagan's BarUnknown
Strother Martin MonumentKent Twitchell
The Cat in the HatJason, Spurn, Arco, PDB
The PictureHoward Hallis
UntitledNoxone, CBS
UntitledManOne, Sacred, Vyal, Swank, Kofie, Axis
UntitledDan Collins

L.A. Airport Area

Magritte in Los AngelesNoa Bornstein

Long Beach Area

Ancestral OfferingsRicardo Mendoza, assisted by Maria Carrasco, Gilbert Contreras, Irma Velasquez, Armando Koh
Community of MusicBen Valenzuela, asisted by Brittany Powers, Opie Ortiz, Glen Sabalza, Art Valenzuela
Conspiracy TheorySteam, Konkr, Steven
CrossingsFrancisco Letelier, assisted by Monique Kennedy, Jose Medrano, Stacy Mayo
Culture in CommunityKeith Williams, Daniel Martinez, and youth
Dancers of LifeRichard Brandt, many assistants
Flight of the EgretsJane Boyd
Signal HillFrank Matranga
Soaring Beyond the StarsRoyd Hatta, Ben Valenzuela
The Family, Education, In Harmony, WelcomePaul Botello with Alex Castro and Meshel Naraez
The GardenRicardo Mendoza, many assistants
UntitledJose Martinez


An Injury to One is an Injury to AllMike Alewitz
ImmigrantHector Ponce
La Vida LocaCarlos "Wiro" Ruiz and many others
LiteracyRoderick Sykes, assisted by five others
Pico-Union MemorialSolo, Sleepy, Tey uno, Chill, Draser, Junior, Wiler, Sleezy, Sean, and Duke
Tapestry of SpiritRoderick Sykes and Jacqueline Alexander, supervising artists
The Holy Trinity with the VirginKent Twitchell
UntitledJ. Leonidas Vazquez and Damar
UntitledHector Ponce, many others

Pasadena Area

UntitledErnest Saenz

San Fernando Valley

Choose Your Own FutureHector Rios (Hex), many assistants: Murals Of Our Society Team
Home of the Peach / A Peach of a HomeSusan Kriog
Lankershim RanchGeorgia A. Love
Macchu Picchu in Los AngelesSergio Quispitupa
No Ho LablesBetty Dore
NoHo: Building on a DreamJodi Bonassi and Hyunsook Cho
Sister CitiesAlfredo Diaz Flores, assisted by Felix Manchaca
Transportation Timeline MuralDebra Flor Joseph, many students
UntitledCBS, Noxone, Anger, Skate, many others
media monsterRobert Spiewak, assisted by Beret K. Malmgren and Matt Williams

Santa Monica/Malibu

400 Years of Living Unitarian HistoryAnn Elizabeth Thiermann
Half AsleepDave Talbot
Ocean Park Historical PostcardsArthur Mortimer
Santa Monica BeachArthur Mortimer, assisted by Carlos Rittner and Ernesto de la Loza
UnbridledDavid S. Gordon
UntitledDesigned by Millard Sheets, executed by Denis O'Connor and Nancy Colbath

Silver Lake/Echo Park

America is in the HeartPepo de Asis, assisted by Dan Piedra and Joseph de Asis
CarnivalErnesto de la Loza
Cine de OroErnesto de la Loza
City of PassionErnesto de la Loza, assisted by Naomi Goffman and local youth
Earth MemoriesEva Cockcroft, Eric Neiman, Jaime "Vyal" Reyes, Edwin Perez, many others
Ghosts of SilverlakeAnnie Sperling-Cesano
Inner City: Kicking It! (east half)Ernesto de la Loza assisted by Amos, Adrian Navarette, Victoria del Gadillo
Inner City: Kicking It! (west half)Ernesto de la Loza, assisted by Amos, Adrain Navarette, Victoria del Gadillo
MoronAaron Donovan
No Pierdas La FeUnknown
UntitledBob Vessels
...Mural '85, 2000 Years of the Chicano: History in California / Mexicomany, see below

South L.A.

Duke EllingtonCharles Freeman
Evolution of the SpiritElliott Pinkney
Symphony - Diffused PaletteUnknown
Universal PittbullsForty, Poe 1, Kane, Brim, others
UntitledArmando Campero, asst. by Aleta Campero and Michael Zelinsky

Venice area

Chagall Returns to Venice BeachChristina Schlesinger, many assistants
Homage to a Starry KnightRip Cronk
Seed by the Seamany individuals and groups
UntitledDuce, many others (see picture)

Vernon to Compton

Compton Past, Present, and FutureEva Cockcroft
Evolution of WritingStanton Macdonald Wright
Simon Rodia's Watts TowersSimon Rodia
The Aztec PrincessEloy Torrez
Vision y TradicionJane Boyd

West L.A.

Moonscapes I: On the Tail of the CometLos Dos Streetscapers (Wayne Healy and David Botello) asst. by Paul Botello and George Yepes
Moonscapes II: Cruising through Space/TimeLos Dos Streetscapers (Wayne Healy and David Botello) asst. by Paul Botello and George Yepes
Streets of GuadalajaraDaniel Alonzo

Whittier/La Mirada Area

The WordKent Twitchell

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