Murals largely about a particular culture

Commerce to Paramount

Homeboy CrowCharles Felix and many others


A Thousand BlossomsKazuko Mathews
Blessing of the AnimalsLeo Politi
Chinese Celestial DragonTyrus Wong, repainted by Fu-Ding Cheng
History of Los AngelesRichard T. Jiminez
La Raza's Struggle For FreedomPedro Pelayo
LibertadLuis Becerra
Open the CurtainsJohn Zender Estrada
SenzoM. Matsukuma
SidewalkErnesto de la Loza
Together: Working Toward a Flourishing SocietyChristina Miguel Mullen directing many high school students
UntitledJohn Zender Estrada

East L.A./Monterey Park

500 Years of Indigenous StruggleMario Aguirre Uriarte
A History of Our StruggleGoez Art Studio, Robert Arenivar, Joel Suro Olivares, Jose-Luis Gonzalez, asst. David Botello, Juan Gonzalez
Bridges to East L.A.Ernesto de la Loza
Chains of LifeCharles Felix
Chicano Time TripLos Dos Streetscapers (Wayne Healy and David Botello)
Cuauhtemoc (Descending Eagle)Mario Aguirre Uriarte
Cuidense AmigosDavid Botello
Dreams of Past, Present, FutureJose Antonio Aguire, Eva Cristina Perez, Alfredo Calderon
Eight-Deer Ocelot-Claw, Mixtec ChieftanDaniel Mann, Johnson & Mendenhall, Anthony J. Lumsden
El Corrido de Boyle HeightsEast Los Streetscapers (David Botello, Wayne Healy, George Yepes)
El Corrido de Ricardo ValdezJuan Solis
El RescateJohn Zender Estrada
Homenaje a SiqueirosEva Cockcroft and Alessandra Moctezuma (and D. A. Siquieros)
La Danza de las AguilasErnesto de la Loza
La Doliente de HidalgoWillie Herron III
La MujerJudithe Hernandez
La Vida Breve de Alfonso FulanoGoez Art Studio (Robert Arenivar, Jose-Luis Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez, David Botello)
La Vida Es SagradaMictlan Murals
Las Tres CulturasRozelio Duarte, repainted by Juan Navarro and Pastetez
Los Cuatros GrandesErnesto de la Loza with youth and others
Mayan Rain GodJose-Luis Gonzalez, Goez Art Studio
Mi Linda RazaUnknown
Mi Raza es Mi OrgulloDaniel Martinez and Squeaky Pierce
Ofrenda Maya IGoez Art Studio (designed by Robert Arenivar, project director Jose-Luis Gonzalez)
Ofrenda Maya IIJose-Luis Gonzalez, Goez Art Studio
Orgullo de Nuestra HerenciaGoez Art Studio (designed by Frank Martinez, project director Jose-Luis Gonzalez)
QuetzalcoatlWillie Herron III
QuetzalcoatlCoordinated by Jose Ruiz, artists Pete, Santiago, Rafael, and Frank Ruiz, Francisco Jaimes, Guillermo Rodarte
Respect What You SeeBill Butler, asst. by Pedro Pelayo and Arnold Ramirez
Search for IdentityRichard T. Jiminez
Self-Portrait: Culture and MeDesigned by Rosalio Velasco, painted with Rodolfo Nonog
The Learning TreeAlfredo Diaz Flores
The Wall That Speaks, Sings, and ShoutsPaul Botello, assisted by Adalberto Ortiz, Gerardo Herrera, Gustavo Sanchez
Two FlagsSonny Ramirez
UntitledF. Debora, assisted by Amodor, "Mexica"
UntitledCharles Felix
UntitledWGS, Dest, Noxone, Mexica
UntitledReyeSMeza, Mosaicos Bizantinos, S.A., Cuernivaca, Mex.
UntitledManuel Gonzalez
UntitledManuel G. Cruz
UntitledIsmael Cazarez

Highland Park/Northeast L.A.

A Couple of ImmigrantesManOne
Ghost from the PastJohn Zender Estrada
Mexico-Tenochitlan - The Wall That Talksmany, see below
Vistas de HarmonyAztlan Cultural Arts Foundation

Hollywood/West Hollywood

Fairfax Community MuralArthur Mortimer, Stephan Raul Anaya, Peri Fleischamn, Sandra Ross, many others

Long Beach Area

Ancestral OfferingsRicardo Mendoza, assisted by Maria Carrasco, Gilbert Contreras, Irma Velasquez, Armando Koh
CrossingsFrancisco Letelier, assisted by Monique Kennedy, Jose Medrano, Stacy Mayo
Culture in CommunityKeith Williams, Daniel Martinez, and youth
Dancers of LifeRichard Brandt, many assistants
Homage to the Harbor District Japanese American PioneersTrace Tres Fukuhara
StorytellersElizabeth Garrison, assisted by Dareth Morm and Michelle Saucedo
Together We DanceElliott Pinkney, assisted by Idris Brown and Fermin "Pete" Santa Cruz
Untitled"Chuy" Vazquez


ImmigrantHector Ponce
Koguryo Su Ryup Do (Hunting Scene)Unknown
La Vida LocaCarlos "Wiro" Ruiz and many others
Lecciones del PasadoCynthia Vargas and many others
UntitledJ. Leonidas Vazquez and Damar
Warner Memorial MuralsHugo Ballin

Pasadena Area

Aztec-bula ruins brought to lifeCindy Scheckel
How We Came to the Fifth WorldCindy Scheckel assisted by 5th grade students from James Madison Elementary
UntitledErnest Saenz

San Fernando Valley

Crows and RavensMichelle Obregon directing Monroe High School students
From Generation to GenerationGuillermo Bert
Macchu Picchu in Los AngelesSergio Quispitupa

Santa Monica/Malibu

Hester StreetJane Golden, repainted by Joan Woodson

Silver Lake/Echo Park

America is in the HeartPepo de Asis, assisted by Dan Piedra and Joseph de Asis
Cine de OroErnesto de la Loza
City of PassionErnesto de la Loza, assisted by Naomi Goffman and local youth
No Pierdas La FeUnknown
QuinceaneraTheresa Powers, assisted by Carolina Flores
Sunset Junctionmany
UntitledPeter Quezada
...Mural '85, 2000 Years of the Chicano: History in California / Mexicomany, see below

South L.A.

Central Ave. BeyondMichael Massenburg, asst. by Kenneth Carnes
Focus on our YouthUnknown
In the Spirit of ContributionBernard Hoyes, local high school students
UntitledArmando Campero, asst. by Aleta Campero and Michael Zelinsky
UntitledRene Medoros, assisted by UCLA students and faculty
Women Do Get Weary, But They Don't Give UpAlice Patrick, assisted by Daryl Wells, D. McClelland, Dominic McIntyre, coordinated by A. Nakagawa

Venice area

Chagall Returns to Venice BeachChristina Schlesinger, many assistants

Vernon to Compton

Compton Past, Present, and FutureEva Cockcroft
Ethnic SimplicityElliott Pinkney and Arnold Pinkney
Vision y TradicionJane Boyd

West L.A.

A shenere un besere velt (A Better and More Beautiful WorldEliseo Art Silva

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