Murals about or by a local community

Burbank/Glendale Area

Burbank IndustryHugo Ballin
People of BurbankBarse Miller
Police and Fire OperaTerry Schoonhoven

Claremont/Pomona Area

Citrus CountryFrank Matranga
Old La Verne LandscapeFrank Matranga
Pitzer Past, Present, and FutureMany students, directed by Paul Botello
Transportation Past and PresentChris Toovey and Joy McAllister
UntitledChris Toovey and Jeff Faust

Commerce to Paramount

Homeboy CrowCharles Felix and many others


Blessing of the AnimalsLeo Politi
DogtownPedro Pelayo, assisted by residents and friends of William Mead Homes
El Nuevo FuegoEast Los Streetscapers, asst. by Rudy Calderon, Bob Grigas, David Morin, Paul Botello
In Memory of the Eighteen St. Homeboys R.I.P.Unknown
L. A. DialogsMargaret Nielsen
Los Angeles Circa 1870, 1910, 1960, and 2000James Doolin, assisted by James Feruzzi and Myles Jamieson
SenzoM. Matsukuma
Smile Now, Cry Later - Mothors MomentsSupervised by Paul Botello, designed/painted by local youth

East L.A./Monterey Park

Bridges to East L.A.Ernesto de la Loza
El Corrido de Boyle HeightsEast Los Streetscapers (David Botello, Wayne Healy, George Yepes)
Ghosts of the BarrioWayne Healy
La Vida Breve de Alfonso FulanoGoez Art Studio (Robert Arenivar, Jose-Luis Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez, David Botello)
Las OlimpiadesFrank Martinez with Lynda Silva
Life Flows at Aliso-PicoEast Los Streetscapers (David Botello, Wayne Healy, George Yepes) asst. by Paul Botello, Ismael Cazarez
Life, Love and Pain / Aliso Pico PrideUnknown
Lost Angels / Smoke SignalsWGS, CBS, Epik, Nox, Duce, Galn, many others
The History of L.A.Carlos Almaraz, asst. by Guillermo Bejarano
The Learning TreeAlfredo Diaz Flores
The Wall That Cracked OpenWillie Herron III and local youth
Tikkun Olam -- To Repair the WorldGeorge Yepes
To Ace Out a HomeboyManuel Cruz
We Have a FutureZinovy Shersher
What Are You Shooting For?many youth

Hermosa Beach to San Pedro

Tuna Tile Ceramic MuralUnknown

Highland Park/Northeast L.A.

Don't Shed the Tears of a ClownPeter Quezada
Puro CypressMargaret Garcia
The Community Through the Eyes of a ChildCarlos Chavez-Andonegui, Richard Valdes
Treasures out of Los Angeles StreetsUnknown

Hollywood/West Hollywood

Fairfax Community MuralArthur Mortimer, Stephan Raul Anaya, Peri Fleischamn, Sandra Ross, many others
Luminesence / Power 2 My PeoplesMear
Olga's FashionsUnknown
UntitledGilbert "Magu" Lujan
UntitledDan Collins

L.A. Airport Area

Aviation History MuralChuck Caplinger (research by Grant Wright)
Handprint AlleyDiane Gould and Suzanne Kear with others
Hometown TraditionsDon Gray
Standard Oil MuralDan and Peter Sawatzky

Long Beach Area

A History of West Long BeachArthur Mortimer, assisted by Guillermo Avalos, Polo Macias, Victor Romo, Satch
Culture in CommunityKeith Williams, Daniel Martinez, and youth
Harmony in NatureTrace Tres Fukuhara, Karena Massengill, local youth
Homage to the Harbor District Japanese American PioneersTrace Tres Fukuhara
LearningAnn Phong, assisted by Nebra Flewellen, Renita Harper, Kelvin Murray
Melody of LifeTrace Tres Fukuhara, assisted by Michelle Saucedo, Andrew Gulmatico, Guillermo Avalos, Dareth Morm
Open Minds Open Hearts: Building the FutureEva Cockcroft, assisted by Raymond Diaz, Vue Her, neighborhood children
Signal HillFrank Matranga
UntitledRaymundo Gardea
Westside MontageTrace Tres Fukuhara, Ben Valenzuela, many others
Whaling Wall 33 (Planet Ocean)Wyland


Cristo SalvaUnknown
Let's Make a Future TogetherKyong Shin Ko
LiteracyRoderick Sykes, assisted by five others
Pico-Union MemorialSolo, Sleepy, Tey uno, Chill, Draser, Junior, Wiler, Sleezy, Sean, and Duke
Tapestry of SpiritRoderick Sykes and Jacqueline Alexander, supervising artists
UntitledCarlos "Wiro" Ruiz
View from the Old CityTerry Schoonhoven

San Fernando Valley

No Ho LablesBetty Dore
NoHo: Building on a DreamJodi Bonassi and Hyunsook Cho
Prisms of Chandler Corridor LifePhoebe Beasley
Sister CitiesAlfredo Diaz Flores, assisted by Felix Manchaca
Transportation Timeline MuralDebra Flor Joseph, many students
UntitledTim Fields, many youth
UntitledCBS, Noxone, Anger, Skate, many others

Santa Monica/Malibu

Another Magical Sunset at Santa Monica BeachGilbert "Magu" Lujan
History of the Pico NeighborhoodAnn Elizabeth Thiermann
Ocean Park Historical PostcardsArthur Mortimer
Para Los NinosDaniel Galvez
Santa Monica BeachArthur Mortimer, assisted by Carlos Rittner and Ernesto de la Loza
Santa Monica Pier Circa 1930Frank Romero, assisted by Leo Limon
Surfing the Santa MonicasDimitri Kadiev
UnbridledDavid S. Gordon

Silver Lake/Echo Park

Echo Park/The WorldTheresa Powers
Ghosts of SilverlakeAnnie Sperling-Cesano
Inner City: Kicking It! (east half)Ernesto de la Loza assisted by Amos, Adrian Navarette, Victoria del Gadillo
Inner City: Kicking It! (west half)Ernesto de la Loza, assisted by Amos, Adrain Navarette, Victoria del Gadillo
The DreamAnnie Sperling
UntitledAlan James Clancy
Will We Still Go Back to Being the Same Way?Theresa Powers with neighborhood youth

South L.A.

Exposition Park Welcomes the WorldGoez Studio (designed by Robert Arenivar, executed by Jose-Luis Gonzalez and many students)
L.A. at Work and L.A. at PlayGuillermo Wagner Granizo

Venice area

Chagall Returns to Venice BeachChristina Schlesinger, many assistants
Seed by the Seamany individuals and groups
The People of Venice vs. the Developers (a.k.a. The Jaya Mural)Designed by Emily Winters, painted by Jaya collective

Vernon to Compton

City ActivitiesFrank Bowers, Arthur Prunier
Compton Past, Present, and FutureEva Cockcroft
Early CaliforniaJames Redmond, assisted by Donald Totten
History of CaliforniaNorman Chamberlain, assisted by Jean Swiggett and Ivan Bartlett
Mother WattsAnthony Cox and youth
The Willowbrook ProjectRichard Wyatt
Universal Musicians in Compton Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowEva Cockcroft, many local youth
UntitledRichard Wyatt

West L.A.

Beachin'Eva Cockcroft with Joe Stephenson, Jaime "Vyal" Reyes, Carlos "Asylum" Ortiz
Isle of CaliforniaL. A. Fine Arts Squad (Victor Henderson, Terry Schoonhoven, Jim Frazin)
Streets of GuadalajaraDaniel Alonzo

Whittier/La Mirada Area

UntitledRaul Esparza
UntitledRaul Esparza

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