San Antonio Public Service Board

Rank in Greenhouse 100: 40
2018 Greenhouse gas CO2 equivalent emissions (metric tons): 16,161,547
Percentage of national total 2018 GHGRP large fixed source emissions: 0.5%
Percentage of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, including transportation and residential: 0.2%
Parent company sectors (in descending order of emissions): Power Plants, Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems
EJ: Poor Share: 19%
EJ: Minority Share: 79%

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Split *
J K Spruce SAN ANTONIO TX 7,180,671 44.43% 79.2% 18.9%
J T Deely SAN ANTONIO TX 5,433,169 33.62% 79.2% 18.9%
V H Braunig ELMENDORF TX 1,570,241 9.72% 82.2% 20.0%
Rio Nogales Power Project LP SEGUIN TX 1,245,344 7.71% 48.0% 11.7%
O W Sommers SAN ANTONIO TX 581,473 3.60% 79.3% 18.7%
Leon Creek SAN ANTONIO TX 121,970 0.75% 87.6% 22.8%
CPS Energy Natural Gas System San Antonio TX 28,679 0.18% ** **

For more information on the data, see the technical notes.

* Split: if 50% appears in this column, then the facility's emissions have been split among two 50/50% ownership parent companies.

** This facility's emissions are nonlocal -- released in a widespread area. So it is not meaningful to look at the characteristics of the population living within 10 miles of the facility address for copollutant effects.

The Toxic Air score column shows the facility's total chronic human health air toxicity score if the facility also exists in the Toxic 100 Air database.

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