Peabody Energy Corp.

Rank in Greenhouse 100: 80
2014 Greenhouse gas CO2 equivalent emissions (metric tons): 9,440,596
Percentage of national total 2014 GHGRP large fixed source emissions: 0.295%
Percentage of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, including transportation and residential: 0.141%
(Note that this treats 2014 emissions as a percentage of a 2013 emission total).
Parent company sectors (in descending order of emissions): Power Plants, Other

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Split *
PRAIRIE STATE GENERATING STATION MARISSA IL Power Plants 8,963,016 94.94% 3.3% 11.1%
Francisco Underground Mine Francisco IN Underground Coal Mines 246,613 2.61% 6.4% 11.4%
Wildcat Hills Mine Eldorado IL Underground Coal Mines 127,744 1.35% 7.2% 20.9%
Gateway Mine Coulterville IL Underground Coal Mines 55,853 0.59% 12.7% 16.3%
PRAIRIE STATE GENERATING STATION MARISSA IL Underground Coal Mines 32,674 0.35% 3.3% 11.1%
Twentymile Mine Oak Creek CO Underground Coal Mines 14,696 0.16% 5.8% 11.2%
Sage Creek Mine Hayden CO Underground Coal Mines 0 0.00% 12.2% 12.6%

For more information on the data, see the technical notes.

* Split: if 50% appears in this column, then the facility's emissions have been split among two 50/50% ownership parent companies.

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