Rank in Toxic 100: 83
Rank among all TRI companies: 269
Air releases 2014 (lbs): 31,903
Incineration transfers 2014 (lbs): 0
Total Air and Incineration Toxic Score 2014: 181,156
Percentage of national total 2014 toxic air and incineration score: 0.041%
EJ: Poor Share: 16.3%
EJ: Minority Share: 7.0%

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Cobalt and cobalt compounds 2,784 0 172,461 95.20% 15.9% 6.9%
Nickel and nickel compounds 119 0 8,681 4.79% 26.5% 9.3%
Selenium and selenium compounds 29,000 0 14 0.01% 16.0% 6.7%
Lead and lead compounds 0 0 0 0.00% 10.1% 16.4%

For explanations of most columns above, including the EJ Shares, see the technical notes.

For the Rv (revisions) column,
* indicates that the record contains one or more chemicals at facilities whose TRI air releases or incineration transfers for 2014 were revised downwards since 2014, and whose hazard and score have been adjusted accordingly.
** indicates one or more chemicals at facilities whose quantities were revised upwards, or both upwards and downwards. Chemicals revised upwards had their pounds adjusted, but not their score.
*** indicates that the RSEI microdata do not match the public RSEI data. (1)

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