Rank in Greenhouse 100: 14
2014 Greenhouse gas CO2 equivalent emissions (metric tons): 38,141,796
Percentage of national total 2014 GHGRP large fixed source emissions: 1.191%
Percentage of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, including transportation and residential: 0.572%
(Note that this treats 2014 emissions as a percentage of a 2013 emission total).
Parent company sectors (in descending order of emissions): Refineries, Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems, Power Plants, Chemicals, Other

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Petroleum Refineries 23,818,821 62.45%
Onshore Petroleum & Natural Gas Production 5,627,075 14.75%
Natural Gas Processing 4,191,642 10.99%
Power Plants 2,042,561 5.36%
Hydrogen Production 1,165,040 3.05%
Other Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems 770,459 2.02%
Manufacturing 204,393 0.54%
Offshore Petroleum & Natural Gas Production 189,482 0.50%
Petrochemical Production 132,324 0.35%

For more information on the data, see the technical notes.

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